About Us

We’ve grown a lot over the years - but are still 100% committed to our wonderful customers.

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Our history is steeped in Tradition…


Our story goes back many, many, years to when Joe’s Dad was making wine in Sao Miguel Acores, Portugal. Joe, the eldest son of the family, helped him on the farm and in the fields. The family immigrated to Hamilton, Canada, but never lost their love of winemaking.

In 2002 Costa’s Wine Country opened its doors in Hamilton, out of a modest 200 square foot garage on Wilson Street, and grew from there. We wanted to build a family business, a family that included the Costa’s, our staff and our loyal customers. Since then, we have grown and evolved into a successful retail and wholesale business.


Costa’s now has a beautiful new storefront and facility with 26,000 sq feet of space at 181 Cannon Street East in Hamilton. From picking the tiles to setting up the welcoming front desk, the new building was designed to welcome and invite in our family of loyal customers. And, we mean loyal: between 95-98% of our sales come from repeat business.

For us, it’s not about the money or profit, it’s about the service, relationships and trust. Our satisfaction comes from showing loyal customers that we care and appreciate them, and are committed to being here for the long haul. We treat our customers like family; we make it right at every opportunity. If something is not right, let us know and we'll do what we can to fix it.

We are committed to providing the best possible winemaking products at affordable prices. As well, we are proud to give reliable information and expert support. We’ve found that the most effective way of attracting customers is through word of mouth, or in our case, word of taste. 

Joe’s father may not be around anymore, but his legacy lives on. As Joe says,

“I wish my dad was here today to see what we've done. He would be so proud that we are honouring his values of pride, loyalty, and quality.”

We bring fresh, quality wine making juices from South America (Chile), Europe (Italy) and North America (California) and ensure that our products always come from the best growers. At Costa’s Wine Country, we offer winemaking knowledge and service you can trust.