Chilean Grape Varieties

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Costa’s Wine Country helps you to make your perfect single grape varietal wine or a blend. Learn about our Chilean grape varieties. Our Chilean winemaking juices are available in 23L pails, beginning in April until quantities last.




  • Light-bodied wine with a bit of tannin, acidity and best consumed while young. With enticing aromas of plum, cherry and vanilla

  • Pairs well with chicken, vegetables and salads, meaty-tomato based sauces

Cabernet Merlot Blend

  • Aconcagua & Central Valley regions

  • With the soft-textured, fruity characteristics of a Merlot and the well-rounded, rich berry fruits and spice of the Cabernet Sauvignon, this blend brings out the best qualities in both varieties.

  • Pairs well with fish, red meats and cheeses

Cabernet Franc

  • Aconcagua & Central Valley regions

  • Grows in all but the coldest of Chilean climates, where the warm, dry climate allows it to ripen thoroughly and develop rich red fruit, berry, black currant and fig aromas and flavours

  • Pairs well with red meats, pasta, strong-flavoured cheeses and dark chocolates


  • Central Valley region

  • Mainly used for blending with varieties such Syrah and Merlot, it is known for its high tannins, deep purple colouring and high alcohol content

  • Pairs well with sausages, poultry, grilled greens, meats and salads


  • Coquimbo, Aconcagua and Central Valley regions

  • Rich in berry fruits and spice, with a smooth well-rounded tannins, making this a very pleasing and easy to drink wine

  • Pairs well with red meats or corn-based dishes


  • Central Valley regions

  • Flavours that are plum-like, spicy and earthy. Commonly used for blending to bring deep colour, tannins and flavour

  • Pairs well with roast beef, steak, tomato sauces, stews, sausages and lamb


  • Coquimbo, Aconcagua and Central Valley regions

  • This soft-textured, fruity red is easy to drink and food friendly.

  • Pairs well with fish, mushrooms, eggplant and baked brie with berries

Pinot Noir

  • Aconcagua and Southern Regions

  • A seductive light to medium bodied wine with strong aromas of black cherry, raspberries and currant

  • Pairs well with roast beef, grilled salmon, and tuna with rosemary

Petit Sirah

  • A dark, inky coloured wine that is relatively acidic

  • Typically more fuller in the mouth while offering flavours of plums and blueberries

  • Pairs well with red meats, blue and goat cheeses and chicken


  • With signature aromas of black cherries, berries and plums, this wine is medium to full-bodied with a pleasant bitter-tinged finish

  • Pairs well with pasta Bolognese, spicy sausages, olives and smoked ham


  • Coquimbo, Aconcagua and Central Valley regions

  • Richly pigmented red grape yields inky purplish-red wines that vary greatly in style, depending on where it is grown. In warmer climates, the wines are often big, lusty and juicy. In cooler climates, they turn sublimely spicy and complex

  • Pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables, fajitas, lamb and barbequed pork


  • Tuscany region

  • Full of cherry fruit and oaky flavours, Sangiovese is typically blended with Bordeaux varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and aged in French oak barrels

  • Pairs well with chicken, red meat, fish, lamb, pork and pasta


  • A thin-skinned grape that grows in large tight bunches yielding a robust red wine with flavours of red berry fruits such as raspberry

  • Pairs well with sausages, turkey, tuna, spaghetti and aged cheeses




  • Aconcagua, Central Valley & Southern Regions

  • Smooth and well-rounded with moderate acidity and reminiscent of tropical fruits by nature. For additional complexity, this variety takes kindly to a bit of oak aging and even barrel fermenting

  • Pairs well with full bodied fish and white meats


  • Central Valley region

  • A vibrant, crisp wine with mouth-watering acidity, as well as strong aromas of flowers, nutmeg and cloves

  • Pairs well with various spicy dishes, fish, poultry and Asian inspired dishes

Moscatel Alejandria

  • Southern Regions

  • A wine to be characterized as sweet with an earthy taste and not particularly aromatic. Often blended to create a strong wine that varies in colour from deep golds to crisp pale yellows


  • Southern Regions

  • Produces a full bodied, fresh and fruity wine with more alcohol than its European forebears

  • Pairs well with spicy foods

Sauvignon Blanc

  • Coquimbo, Central Valley & Southern regions

  • A wine to be sipped nicely chilled, this highly aromatic wine consists of citrus fruits with a refreshing green-grassy aroma

  • Pairs well with shrimp, white fish, salads and blue cheeses


  • Central Valley region

  • Golden yellow in colour, with aromas of citrus, grapefruit, juicy pear and soft scents of ripe apricot

  • Pairs well with dark meats and aged strong flavoured cheeses


  • Regions of northeast Italy

  • A crisp, dry white wine with a reputation of cutting through pungent flavours such as raw garlic and smoked cheeses

  • Pairs well with fish and cheese dishes


  • Rich and aromatic with pronounced notes of apricot and peach and floral notes of orange blossom and honey

  • Having a unique property that makes it useful in setting colour when fermented in conjunction with its sister grape Syrah, an age-old technique now used in some Chilean wineries

  • Pairs well with lobster, smoked fish, chicken, duck and pork