How To Make Wine

We often have customers ask about the basics of how to make wine...


The Process

Whether you make your wine at home, or we make it in store for you, the basic process remains the same:

1. Cleaning/sanitizing

2. Starting your Wine

3. Primary Fermentation

4. Racking & Secondary Fermentation

5. Degassing /Stabilizing

6. Filtering (optional)

7. Bottling & Corking

Fermentation Basics

  • Sanitation

  • Preparation

  • Allowing enough time

  • Measure and weigh

  • Read your measurements and weights twice, then add once

  • Keep notes

Basic Winemaking Equipment

  • Primary Fermenters

  • Wine Press (if using grapes)

  • Secondary Fermenters

  • Hydrometer and Cylinder

  • Potassium Metabisulfite (Meta)

  • Cleansers/Sanitizers

  • Yeast and Fermentation Aids

  • Other Necessary Equipment